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Exhibition regulations

For the participation in the exhibition, various regulations must be observed. From the exhibition regulations of the VDH and the FCI to the vaccination obligation, we have summarized the most important regulations for you.

FCI and VDH Show Rules

With their entry, all exhibitors accept the show regulations of the FCI and the VDH.

Animal Protection Dog Ordinance

The Animal Welfare Dog Ordinance provides for a ban on showing dogs that exhibit torture breeding characteristics.

Accommodation of Dogs at Events

According to German animal welfare law, people who keep or care for animals must ensure that the animal's ability to move in a manner appropriate to its species is not restricted in such a way that it causes pain or avoidable harm or suffering.

Admitted dogs

Only pedigree dogs whose standard is deposited with the FCI and which are registered in a studbook or register recognized by the FCI are admitted. Identity checks of the registered dogs are possible. Please bring the pedigree to the show.

Biting, sick, vermin infested dogs as well as bitches that are visibly pregnant or in the nursing period or accompanied by their puppies are not allowed to be brought into the show area. Any person bringing sick dogs into a show is liable for the resulting consequences. Verifiably deaf or blind dogs may not enter a show. Bitches in heat may be exhibited at termed purebred dog shows.

Dogs found to be biting or unreasonably aggressive toward people or other dogs at a purebred dog show may be issued a temporary or indefinite show ban. This also applies to dogs on which irremediable manipulations have been made.

Ban on docking

The following dogs from Germany and abroad are forbidden to be exhibited according to the VDH Show Regulations:

  • Ears docked
  • Tail docked (Exception: Hunting use according to German animal protection law. Only for FCI recognized hunting dog breeds).

Rabies vaccination

The dogs, which are brought to this event (exhibition), must have been verifiably vaccinated against rabies at least three weeks before the event (bring vaccination card/EU -pet passport).

The rabies vaccination is valid for 12 months from the day of vaccination. If a longer validity is to be claimed, this must be proven by entering the validity in the vaccination certificate or in the EU pet passport in the field "Valid until". If a dog vaccinated against rabies is revaccinated against rabies before the end of the validity of the existing vaccination, the so-called 3-week period does not apply. In the case of a first vaccination, the dog must have been at least 3 months old at the time of the vaccination and the vaccination must have taken place at least 21 days ago at the time of the event.

Young dogs born and raised in Germany (age less than 15 weeks) that have no or not yet effective vaccination protection against rabies may only be admitted if the owner presents a veterinary certificate stating that the dog has been examined and found to be free of clinical signs of rabies. This certificate must not be older than 10 days.

Young dogs from abroad (age under 15 weeks) are not admitted.


The owners of the dogs exhibited are liable for all damages caused by their dogs.

Preparation of the dogs

On the show grounds it is forbidden to groom the dog using any means or aids other than combing and brushing. The use of so-called gallows is prohibited.

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